AAT Access Award In Bookkeeping

AAT Access Award In Bookkeeping
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This great value accredited AAT training course contains all you need to gain insight into the role of a bookkeeper and become familiar with basic bookkeeping techniques. It includes sections on terminology, financial documents, and single entry bookkeeping, and more. In addition you’ll also get the AAT Level 1 in Spreadsheet Software course included, so you’ll learn the techniques, and how spreadsheet and technology can help you perform your role more efficiently.

Whether you are considering bookkeeping as a career option or job switch, or you’re thinking of setting up a new business and want to pick up some skills on the financial side, this flexible learning option will be a sound investment.

We are incredibly honoured to announce that we've been shortlisted for the ‘AAT Distance Learning Training Provider of the Year award 2020!'

What Is The Role Of A Bookkeeper?

This e-learning course is a valuable mix of teaching that focuses not just on simple bookkeeping activities, but also on the roles and responsibilities of a bookkeeper. You’ll learn the detail involved in financial transactions and the processes involved in dealing with customer and supplier paperwork. By the end of the course you’ll also know how to process receipts and payments, and how to maintain accurate financial records. It’s a short course in basic techniques and the role of bookkeeping within accounting, so you’ll become familiar with financial documents, single entry bookkeeping, and the petty cash book.

What Does This Bookkeeping Course Include?

In the main part of the course, content is divided into three different sections, with a list of modules in each. Each section features quizzes or self-test questions so you can refresh what you’ve learned. The sections are titled an introduction to bookkeeping, working within bookkeeping, and bookkeeping and accounts.

This training course also includes the AAT Level 1 Spreadsheet Software material. Here you will learn more about how the program and how you can use it to prepare budgets, financial statements and balance sheets. You’ll also become familiar with the function tool and how to use it for calculations.


To work through three sections of bookkeeping learning material, and additional content on spreadsheet software, and become proficient in basic bookkeeping techniques.

AAT Access Award In Bookkeeping

Section 1 – Bookkeeping Introduction

  • Find out about the role of a bookkeeper and the career options available.
  • Learn about the bookkeeping environment and different business organisations.
  • Become familiar with all the key bookkeeping terminology.
  • Learn the principles of coding and batch coding.

Section 2 – Working in Bookkeeping

  • Get to grips with single entry bookkeeping.
  • Find out how to fill in financial documents.
  • Learn about the books of prime entry, and how to record transactions in them.
  • Define cash or credit transactions.
  • Learn about business bank accounts and bank statements.

Section 3 – Bookkeeping and Accounts

  • Learn more about the petty cash book and keeping records in it..
  • Become familiar with the Imprest system for petty cash.

AAT Level 1 – Spreadsheet Software

  • Learn more about the structure of spreadsheets.
  • Practise different spreadsheet activities, including entering data, inserting a column or row, and changing column widths or height.
  • Learn some of the basic spreadsheet formulae bookkeepers work with.
  • Find out how to format and print selected spreadsheet data.
  • Learn how to create a chart from spreadsheet data.
  • Become familiar with backing up a spreadsheet.


  • AAT subscription fee worth £41 included in the cost
  • Flexible e-learning course with no entry requirements.
  • Join the AAT within two weeks of starting this course and benefit from additional material and practice exams.
  • AAT can also help you find an accredited exam centre, for you to book with on completion of this course (exam not included).
  • Gain insight into the role of a bookkeeper and their typical duties.
  • Learn at a time and a pace to suit you.
  • The AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping is a short 12 week course that is easy to fit around your existing commitments.
  • Also benefit from the AAT Level 1 Spreadsheet Software modules included.
  • Become proficient in basic bookkeeping practices.
  • Use the skills you’ve learned in your own business projects, or continue to further study.
  • Course content on bookkeeping and spreadsheet software.
  • A mix of self-test questions, quizzes, and a mock exam to test your knowledge.
  • Train with an industry recognised training provider.

AAT courses are offered by e-Careers Ltd, an approved training provider

Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • The Job Role & Career path for a Bookkeeper
  • Responsibilities when working in a bookkeeping environment and different types of business organisations
  • Quiz
  • Terminology used in Bookkeeping
  • Quiz
  • The principles of Coding & Batch Coding
  • Quiz
Working within Bookkeeping
  • Single Entry Bookkeeping
  • How to complete financial documents
  • Quiz
  • Process information in the Books of Prime Entry
  • What is meant by Cash &/or Credit transactions
  • Record Cash and Credit transactions in the books of Prime Entry
  • Quiz
  • The Bank Account and Bank Statements
  • Self Test Questions
Bookkeeping and Accounts
  • The Petty Cash Book & the Imprest system for Petty Cash
  • Self Test Questions
AAT Fees £131 for UK students (£121 for International students)

Not included, must be paid to AAT. Fees cover:

  • AAT admission fee (£41 One off fee)
  • AAT annual membership fee (Pay annually)
    • £90 - UK student
    • £80 - International student
    Exam fees £70-80 per exam (fees may vary slightly depending on test centre) Not included, fee to be paid to AAT Approved assessment venue.
    These fees will vary depending on the training provider or assessment venue. Check whether these are included in your overall training provider fees.
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