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AXELOS is a joint venture company, created in 2013 by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc, to manage, develop and grow the Global Best Practice portfolio.

AXELOS boasts an enviable track record and an unrivalled portfolio of globally recognised best practice qualifications. AXELOS is responsible for developing, enhancing, and promoting several best practice frameworks and methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in IT service management, project, programme and portfolio management, and cyber resilience.

These methods include world-renowned qualifications such as ITILC®, PRINCE2®, MSP®. The qualifications are utilised by private, public and voluntary sectors in over 150 countries to improve employees’ skills, knowledge and competence to make both individuals and organisations work more effectively.

Not only do AXELOS equip individuals with globally recognised qualifications, but they also equip professionals with a wide range of content, templates, and toolkits through the AXELOS membership subscription service. Professionals can expect to complete their AXELOS recognised qualification and receive a reputable, valued, and trusted certification that is well known amongst many employers in all industries.

AXELOS is committed to nurturing best practice communities on a global scale. In addition to their globally recognised certifications, AXELOS equips professionals with a wide range of content, templates, and toolkits through their CPD-aligned My AXELOS subscription service and online community of practitioners and experts.


Globally recognised qualification - AXELOS offer globally recognised qualifications created by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government. You can rest assured you will have attained a highly regarded and reputable certification upon completion of your AXELOS accredited course.

Excellent course flexibility - We are committed to offering course flexibility as part of all AXELOS accredited courses to ensure that you can manage work, family commitments, leisure-time and social activities alongside your studies.

Outstanding support & guidance - Take advantage of expert content, templates, and toolkits throughout your course accessible through the AXELOS membership subscription service. You will also benefit from an online community of practitioners and experts to guide you in your studies.

Sought after work-readiness - After completing your AXELOS training course you will be well-equipped with essential skills and knowledge to springboard into your desired career, whether at entry-level or as a more experienced practitioner.

Access to sample papers - AXELOS grants you access to a range of sample papers across all certifications to help you prepare for your exams.

Career opportunities

AXELOS certifications are recognised around the world and provide you with skills and knowledge that are in high demand across a wide range of careers.

Enjoy diverse career prospects thanks to AXELOS UK qualifications. After completing an AXELOS course you can expect to be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to forge a career in IT service management, project, programme and portfolio management or cyber resilience.

Arguably, there is no better time to pursue a career in these industries. There are many opportunities within a variety of sectors, and an AXELOS course will undoubtedly set you apart from other candidates. With advances in technology driving the demand for experienced and competent IT and management professionals, there has never been a better time to start your career.

Whether you’re just starting or are looking to advance your knowledge of technical methodologies, an AXELOS certification on your CV is bound to open up opportunities. There is a wide array of opportunities available in the technical world across every industry, meaning that demand for AXELOS-qualified professionals is typically very high.

Applying yourself to learning new skills or building on your existing skill set can have a huge impact on your career. With an AXELOS qualification, you'll be able to develop your knowledge of complicated management methodologies which will undoubtedly serve you well in your career. Whether you want to specialise in a skill like project management or gain knowledge of fields like Cyber Security, AXELOS will get you where you want to be.

If you are already employed within the IT or project management industries, there is a wide range of available courses that will help you to diversify or enter new fields by gaining further specialist knowledge. If you are just starting in your career but want to build a solid foundation to prove your grounding in a particular area, AXELOS has several excellent courses that will surely be of benefit.

Which certification?

As an AXELOS qualification holder, you can expect to be taught the latest methodologies and industry core competencies to ensure you’re ready to launch your career the moment you finish your studies.

The AXELOS portfolio also includes certifications in portfolio, risk, and value management.

AXELOS qualified professionals are in high demand, meaning this is a potentially lucrative career move. With an AXELOS certification, you could work in many roles involved in IT and project management, including:

  • IT Service Desk Manager
  • Software Development Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Infrastructure Analyst
  • and more!

e-Careers offers a range of AXELOS certifications including:

How to get certified

Our friendly Course Consultants are on hand to answer all questions you may have. Get in touch today and we can talk through your options to find the perfect fit.

We look forward to welcoming you as you start your exciting career journey with an AXELOS certification!