FIA Football Intermediary Certificate

FIA Football Intermediary Certificate
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A Football Intermediary (also known as a Football Agent), is someone who oversees the professional and personal aspects of a football player’s life. These include negotiating contracts, dealing with financial issues, arranging interviews with journalists, as well as offering personal support to their player’s in times of need. This course may be perfect for you if you have strong business acumen, negotiation skills, naturally empathetic and most importantly, the drive to turn your passion for football from a hobby into a career!  

What is the Football Intermediary Course?

Exclusively developed by e-Careers and their team of Football Intermediaries, the Football Intermediary Course has been developed to give you a solid understanding of what is required as a Football Intermediary and how you can become a success in this industry. Through this interactive and engaging course, you will gain the essential knowledge needed to kick-start your new career as a football intermediary.

You will learn: 

  •    The financial intricacies of being in football
  •    Tips on negotiating transfers, contracts and sponsors
  •    How to build player relationships with clubs, friends and education
  •    How to effectively manage players’ finances
  •    Advise on guiding players through personal aspects of their life
  •    Tips on gaining and retaining clients, and more!

Throughout the course, you’ll receive direct mentoring from Xabier deBeristain Humphrey and his team of Football Intermediaries; one of the most highly regarded sports intermediaries in the industry, who will offer you invaluable advice and support to help you avoid potential pitfalls and fast track you to success! On top of this, you will also have the option to submit a job application to Xabier for the chance to join his ever-growing global team!

About Xabier deBeristain Humphrey

Xabier previously played in the highly acclaimed Athletic Bilbao Academy alongside the likes of Mikel Arteta and Xabi Alonso, and has supported a wide range of football players, including Robert Pires (Arsenal), Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea), Danny Simpson (Leicester City), and more. As well as being a successful football intermediary, Xabier is also a qualified sports and commercial sector lawyer, where he represents leading law firms Clifford Chance LLP and Allen & Overy; making him a highly prized asset for any sportsperson to have by their side! 

What will I learn on the course?

This Football Intermediary Course is made up of two key areas, designed to help develop your skills as a Football Intermediary.

These are:

  •    Football Intermediary Course:

The football course is 100% online and made-up of 16 training modules that will provide you with everything you need to know to become a confident and responsible football intermediary. You will have 12 months access to the interactive study materials, (made up of engaging animations, detailed explanations and quizzes), where you are free to work through them at your own pace with 24/7 access. 

  •    Mentor+

Additionally, you will be provided with 12-month access to Mentor+, where contact via the portal can be made with Xabier and our team of football intermediaries, who are available to support you over the duration of the course. The platform will also provide you with access to additional videos, webinars and study materials to supplement your knowledge. 

Why should I study this Football Intermediary Course?  

Committing to a career change is a big decision, so this great-value football course is ideal if you are passionate about the sport and are considering pursuing a new career path, or if you already have experience of working as a football coach and are looking to take your love for the sport to the next level!

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate that you are trained to a high level and meet the knowledge requirements that the professionals in the business are looking for. There has never been a better time to pursue a career in this industry, as currently there is a huge skills gap in the market for qualified football intermediaries who are professionally trained. As such, choosing to study for your football qualifications will not only increase your earning potential, but ensure that you stay ahead of the competition!

Who is this course for?

There are no prerequisites to enrol onto the course, however if you are a confident communicator, good negotiator and have excellent interpersonal skills, you may find it easier to complete.

Traditionally, you could only become a Football Agent if you already had connections and the relevant licences to work in the sector. You were also required to pay £100,000 in indemnity insurance and sit through a profoundly tough football agent course. Since 2015 however, the rules changed and now anyone, regardless of their background, anywhere around the world can earn a football certificate and apply for football agent jobs. The new requirements for earning a career as a football intermediary require you to meet the criteria of your local FA.

For England, this includes:

  •    Paying a (£500+VAT) registration fee
  •    Successfully complete a multiple-choice code of practice assessment
  •    Pass a DBS check

This course will help layer the foundations for you to learn what it takes to become a full-time or part-time football intermediary. If you’re serious about taking your career opportunities to the next level, consider enrolling onto our Football Intermediary Professional Programme with Exclusive Access Event, where you’ll learn from Xabier, Les Ferdinand and Paul McVeigh.    

How can I enrol?

There are 2 ways to enrol on the course: 

  •    Click ‘Enquire now’, fill out your contact details and one of our course advisors will be in touch with you.
  •    Purchase this course with the 'Buy Now' button and begin straight away, by adding this course to your cart and going through the checkout process 

You can enrol on the Football Intermediary Course at any time and once you have access to your study materials, you will be granted 24/7 access for a period of 12 months, with the freedom to study wherever and whenever you like (as the course is 100% online!) 

Embrace the benefits of a career change and enrol on to the Football Intermediary Course today! 

Football courses are offered by e-Careers Ltd, an approved training provider

  • Background to Intermediary Regulations
  • Client Identification
  • Recruitment Procedure
  • Football Clubs: Making Contacts and Building Relationships
  • Sales & Player Marketing
  • Transfer Windows
  • Process of a Deal
  • Relocation & Player Settlement
  • Working with other Intermediaries
  • Dealing with the Press
  • International Markets
  • Successfully Navigating English FA Work Permit Regulations
  • Client Retention
  • Professional Advice
  • Being Commercial
  • Internet Marketing
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