Online Learning

As the world continues to change at an astonishing pace, the need for us to utilise technology to help us upskill becomes even more important.
Virtual Classroom
Online learning, now more commonly known as eLearning allows us to fit studying around our busy lifestyles, at a pace which suits us.

For that reason, it is not unsurprising that the habits around studying through eLearning are often compared to the convenience we now enjoy with on-demand television, such as Netflix.
The rapid growth of eLearning has been widely documented and it is a method of learning that everyone will need to adapt to, sooner rather than later.

Successful adoption can present you with many benefits including:
More Cost Effective
More cost effective
No Need to Travel
No need to travel to classrooms
Wider Range of Qualifications
Wide choice of qualifications
Learn at Your Own Pace
Learn at your own pace, at your own time
Internet Enabled Device
Access on any internet enabled device
Not reliant
Not reliant on the quality of the trainer
e-Careers offers a wide range of industry recognised professional qualifications which are delivered through our acclaimed Learning Management System (LMS).
Our LMS offers
Our LMS offers our learners a number of features including:
  • Ability to seamlessly access via any internet enabled device
  • Clear modular structure to the learning
  • Access to real tutors for enhanced support
  • Clear progress tracking and reporting functionalities
  • In-built access to assessments and results
Our LMS offers
If you have a busy lifestyle and wish to fit studying around your schedule, then eLearning is certainly the best option for you.

e-Careers is a market leader in the development and delivery of eLearning professional qualifications. Browse our range of eLearning courses